Why Coaching?

Training the Mind & Heart isn’t always easy. Many times we have awesome intentions and yet we simply aren’t able to meet our goals. Our vision can become vague and we easily slip into well known grooves or stop practicing altogether. 

Other times, things are going well. We feel like we are making progress and seeing the changes that practice can enable. There’s a momentum that feels easy and a sense we can continue this on our own. 

By working with a meditation coach during both the easy & difficult times, you learn more about your overall experience, capacities, & tendencies.  You learn to train smarter.

Here are some examples of what people have reported by working with us:

  • Greater success via a co-developed meditation plan.
  • An increased sense of connection to oneself and others.
  • More understanding of your mind, self-talk, and personality patterns.
  • Diminished reactivity and greater space to choose a response.
  • A bigger sense of empowerment in your life.
  • Increased skill in working with difficult states of mind such as depression, anxiety, & loneliness.
  • Access to internal tools that help increase states such as joy, compassion, kindness, & gratitude.

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