Mind Training for Teams

The purpose of Meditate.io is to provide in-depth mind training for the digital age.  Mind Training for Teams is our constellation of offerings designed to support knowledge workers in becoming wisdom workers.


On-site workshops & Talks

Want your team to be able to learn more about the theory & practice of digital-age meditation?  We offer bespoke workshops and talks designed just for your teams.  

Want us to work directly with your engineering or e-team, or incorporate us into one of your upcoming off-sites?  We have experience working with a variety of different organizations who are looking to integrate mindfulness into their culture.

Example Workshops: "Social Mindfulness @ Work", "The Five Styles of Meditation"

Virtual training circles

We've found that in order for people to get traction in their mind training practice they need a robust and flexible training environment combined with personal support and encouragement.  For those team members who would like to opt-in to an environment like this, we offer our virtual training circles.  

Training circle members get access to the full repository of self-paced courses at Meditate.io plus can join live small group meetings with Meditate.io facilitators over zoom video chat.  

These training circles are an excellent talent development perk + leadership development tool for your teams.



1-on-1 coaching

For really in-depth work, it's critical to train smarter, not just harder.  For those leaders who want to go deeper in their mind training, we offer one-on-one coaching with the core teachers of Meditate.io.  

We regularly work with CEOs, executives, and leaders who are growing their capacity to lead in rapidly changing and uncertain times.  We know that when the inner world is understood as a reflection of the outer world, than a change in one accelerates a change in the other.  This inside-out approach to leadership development can be surprisingly effective as it gives soft tools for the hard work of being a leader. 

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